Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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+ What time should I arrive before a show?

The time listed on your ticket and on the purchase page of the website is the time the show begins, but please check your event's page to verify. Doors typically open an hour before show time. Please keep in mind that show times and set times, as well as opening acts, are always subject to change without notice.

+ Can I use my electronic devices during concerts?

Please silence or turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones and watch alarms. We encourage you to share your experience at the Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall via social media, but please refrain from doing so or texting during performances; the glow from your device is distracting to those around you.

+ May I take photos at the show?

Who wouldn’t want to keep a visual memory of a visit to the historic Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall? Unfortunately, photo policies are at the artist’s discretion and change show to show. Signage will be posted in the venue for each show regarding any restrictions. No professional photography equipment or audio/video recording equipment will be allowed into the venue. Photographic, sound, or video recording of any performance without the prior permission of Carnegie of Homestead and/or Drusky Entertainment (or other promoter) is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized photographs, video, or other recordings may result in removal from the venue without refund.

+ I want to interview a band, take photos of a band, or review a show. How do I go about doing this?

Media passes are only provided to accredited media agencies, at the promoter’s discretion. Requests for media passes must be submitted at least 3 days in advance of the show and are subject to approval by the promoter. Please submit your request through our CONTACT tab on our website. Requests for interviews are handled by the promoter, therefore, we cannot grant permission for interviews. We do not issue photo passes; you must contact the promoter to gain such credentials.

+ What type of payment do you accept at the venue for concessions or merchandise?

We accept Cash, VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Depending on the artist, the merchandise counter may or may not accept credit cards. An ATM is located in the library area for your convenience.

+ May I bring my child to the performance?

All concertgoers who enter the performance are required to have a ticket and a seat, including children. No one under the age of 2 is permitted to attend shows, unless the show is specifically designed for families and children. For the comfort and enjoyment of all guests, children who are disruptive to other guests will be asked to leave the seating area, without refund. Parents should use their discretion when deciding what shows are appropriate for children.

Balcony seating: Parents of young children are reminded that the front row of our balcony has a small barrier, but is otherwise open, and could present a hazard for unattended children. Depending upon the height of the child, the small barrier may impair view of the stage.

Coming to the Music Hall


I require handicapped / accessible seating, what do I do?

When selecting seats on the ticket purchase page, please scroll across the top to select the "Accessible" option to filter all available handicapped accessible / companion seating. If no ADA seating is shown as available, please contact with the show you are planning to attend and any information to best help us understand your request!

+ What if I have a question or request about my tickets?

If you purchased from TixTrack/Nliven, please contact us at and clearly state your request and provide as much detail as possible. Please provide your order ID, purchaser info / email, so that we can best help you!

If you purchased from a third-party site / reseller: Our official ticketing agency is Nliven.

We cannot verify the legitimacy of any tickets purchased from a reseller until they are scanned by us. Therefore, purchasing tickets from a third-party reseller is at your own risk. It’s always best to purchase tickets directly through our website directly.

+ Where and when do I pick up my Will Call tickets?

You can pick up your tickets when doors are scheduled to open the night of the event. Please bring a copy of your order (printed out or mobile), with your VALID photo ID. The Will Call “area” is in the far-left corner of the lobby. Please go through the left set of doors to the identified space. Please do not stop by the library or music hall earlier in the day, as you will be unable to retrieve your tickets.

+ I have tickets for Will Call & would like to change the name for pick up. How do I do this?

We do allow name changes. At least 24 hours in advance of the show, please submit the request by selecting the CONTACT tab on our website and provide us your name, order number, and the new name, email address and phone number that the tickets will be picked up by. Please remind them to bring photo ID and copy of order in THEIR name.

+ Can I purchase tickets in person on the day of the show?

If tickets are available, you can purchase via our site up to the time of show.

Please choose mobile ticketing as your option for last minute purchases.

+ Can I receive a discount for purchasing a group of tickets?

Unfortunately, we do not offer group discounts.

+ What are your general cancellation and refund policies?

All tickets are final sale. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for another show.

Bad Weather: We rarely cancel a concert due to inclement weather, but when this occurs we will send a direct email notification to all ticket holders. If the artist arrives at the Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall and is able to perform, the show will go on as scheduled and tickets will remain non-refundable and non-exchangeable. If a show is cancelled or postponed due to the artist’s inability to travel, the ticket-purchaser will be notified with the reschedule date or ticket refund information. Please note, Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall is only able to contact individuals who have purchased the tickets directly from us and have provided an email address at the time of purchase.

+ Help! I am receiving a refund; however my credit card was canceled...what do I do?

When we issue refunds, we can only refund orders via the card used at the time of purchase. Please contact your financial institution to make arrangements to receive your refund.

+ Help! I purchased a ticket and can’t access my ticket / QR code, what do I do?

Please fill out the form on the CONTACT tab of our website. For all Nliven ticketed events, please make sure your current email address is updated in relation to your Nliven account used to purchase tickets.

+ What happens if I lost my ticket?

If you, the ticket purchaser, cannot find your tickets and have purchased them through Nliven we have a record of your sales transaction and can accommodate you. Please note: we can only accommodate the customer who had purchased the ticket at the time of checkout (unless your ticket has been transferred via Nliven to a different name). Please return to your point of purchase as soon as you discover you have misplaced your ticket(s). We will confirm your seating. To expedite this process, if you discover your ticket is missing, please use the CONTACT tab on our website and fill out the form with as much detail as possible so we can help verify your order (Nliven order ID, date of purchase, last 4 digits of card #). Please have Identification and payment verification handy when you pick up the tickets. If tickets were purchased through a third-party ticket reseller, you must reach out to them for help.


+ Is the Music Hall ADA accessible?

The Music Hall is wheelchair accessible from the ADA side entrance on Louise Street. Doors into the lobbies and auditorium usually open one hour prior to performances. An elevator in the lobby provides access to the balcony for those who cannot walk up/down the stairs. Please note, all ADA seating selections are located on the floor level (floor left) at this time. For any accommodations / requests, please submit requests no less than 7 days from the date of the event you plan on attending using THIS CONTACT FORM. Any requests made less than 7 days, we cannot guarantee necessary accommodations can be met.

COHMH ADA entrance.jpg

See below for where the ADA entrance is!

+ How can I request a wheelchair accessible seat?

Wheelchair accessible seating is available in section Floor Left, rows B through G. Please view our online seating map for the exact location. Tickets for wheelchair accessible seats and companion seats can be purchased directly on our website. For inquiries related to specific ADA accommodation needs (NOT SEAT PURCHASES), use the CONTACT tab on our website. For any accommodations / requests, please submit requests no less than 7 days from the date of the event you plan on attending. Any requests made less than 7 days, we cannot guarantee necessary accommodations can be met.

+ Are assistive listening devices or live interpreters available for the performance?

As soon as you purchase your tickets, please fill out the form on the CONTACT tab on our website with specific information including your name, show attending, order number, seat location, and any specific details related to your request for interpretation services. For any accommodations / requests, please submit requests no less than 7 days from the date of the event you plan on attending. Any requests made less than 7 days, we cannot guarantee necessary accommodations can be met.

+ Are animals permitted?

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are welcomed and permitted in the Carnegie of Homestead. Per ADA, service animals are dogs individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. No other animals are permitted. We reserve the right to question if the dog is a service animal required because of a disability, and what tasks the service animal has been trained to perform. In order to help maintain a pleasant, productive, and safe environment for all users and staff, please contact the Carnegie of Homestead for a complete copy of our policy including behavioral guidelines for service animals to observe.


+ Are you the same as the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland, the Carnegie Music Hall in Carnegie or any of the other Carnegie’s in Pittsburgh?

We are not. Andrew Carnegie founded thousands of libraries, venues, and educational institutions around the world, however most are not affiliated in any way. We are a stand-alone, independent venue. Please check your ticket order to make sure you arrive at the correct venue for your show!

+ Where do you recommend parking?

All venue parking is on the street, and is plentiful. Our beautiful, historic building takes up an entire block in a park-like setting within a suburban community. If you are unsure about availability, you can arrive an hour before the show to enjoy a beverage in our historic library, or use Uber/Lyft to shuttle back/forth before and after the show. We are located right along the Great Allegheny Passage and have bicycle racks in the front and rear of the building, should you wish to bike to our venue!

For any patrons needing to use our handicap entrance:

Please note, due to the facility being mainly street parking, the building does not have a dedicated handicap parking lot, however, we do have an accessible entrance on the side of the building, located on Louise St.

Any patrons needing to use the handicapped entrance on Louise St may enter the ramp up to the entrance and drop anyone needing to use that entrance off, then return to street parking. You may do the same for pick up.

+ What is the easiest way for me to enter the building?

Our Music Hall entrance is on the left side of our building facing 10th Avenue. Our ADA entrance is right around the corner from the main entrance.

+ Is there a seating chart for the venue?

The seating chart can be found on the “about us” tab of our website.

+ Are bags and backpacks permitted?

Our bag policy is intended to enhance fan safety and expedite entry into the Music Hall by reducing the time required to search bags at the venue entrance. Approved bags include purses not exceeding 14” x 14” x 6”. Exceptions will be made for medically-necessary items. Luggage, backpacks, and shopping bags are prohibited.

+ What items are prohibited inside the Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall?

Bags/backpacks/luggage larger than 14” in any dimension. Outside food and beverage. Video recording devices (e.g., camcorders, GoPros, or anything beyond a cell phone). Large cameras with detachable lenses. Audio recording devices. Laser pointers, strobes or flashing lights. Laptops/Tablets. Two-way radios, walkie-talkies. Selfie sticks. Confetti, streamers, glitter, silly string, etc. Large signs. Fireworks/explosives. Pets (except service animals). Weapons of any kind, including mace. Illegal or illicit substances of any kind. Strollers/carts cannot be brought inside the venue and will be parked in the hall lobby. Please note that all ticket holders must pass through security metal detectors and all bags are subject to search.

+ What is your smoking policy?

We are a non-smoking facility, including electronic smoking devices (vape pens). Smoking is permitted outside the doors before you come in. Please be respectful of our grounds by disposing any cigarette butts in the appropriate receptacles.

+ Do you have an ATM?

There is an ATM on the first floor near the music hall in our library.

+ What refreshments are available at the Music Hall?

A variety of packaged snacks, candy, soda, and water are available for purchase at the venue snack bar. Our Music Hall bar offers beer, wine, and spirits. The Music Hall bar and snack bar open when the doors open for entry, and close 5 minutes after the start of the show. If there is a scheduled intermission, the concessions will remain open until 5 minutes after the start of the next act. No outside food or beverages are permitted.

+ Can I eat or drink inside the hall?

The Music Hall bar offers reusable plastic cups for use in the Music Hall. Other snacks and drinks purchased at the venue may be enjoyed in the hall. Please dispose of trash in proper receptacles.

+ What should I wear to a show?

Most concert-goers wear everything from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties. The name of the game is comfort. First and foremost, we want you to enjoy the show. Please keep in mind that some performances may be warmer due to capacity and equipment - dress comfortably! Management reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing any clothing items deemed inappropriate or offensive. We do not offer a coat check area, so plan to keep any additional coats with you.

+ May I stand or dance at a concert?

The Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall is proud to welcome all types of shows and concerts to our stage. Occasionally during a performance, audience members will show their enthusiasm by standing and dancing, or may approach the stage, especially when encouraged by the performers to do so. Please know that Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall will make every effort to ensure the safety of all guests, while presenting an enjoyable experience for everyone. With this in mind, staff and security reserves the right to require patrons to remain seated for everyone’s enjoyment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

+ Is there a gender-neutral bathroom or family restroom?

Gender neutral/family restrooms can be found on the first floor and lower level. Please see an usher for directions to each restroom.


+ I am a promoter; how do I inquire about scheduling a show at the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall?

Please visit the RENTAL tab on our website for more information.

+ I want to rent the Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall for an event. How do I go about doing this?

We not only have an amazing venue, we have rooms of all sizes for meetings and gatherings, and even an indoor swimming pool available to rent. Please visit the RENTAL tab on our website for more information. Please note: we do not book wedding ceremonies or receptions at this time.

+ I lost something in the venue. What should I do?

Please fill out the form on the CONTACT tab of our website; or call us at 412.462.3444 to see if your item was found, and to coordinate a time to pick it up.

+ How do I become a volunteer?

Chances are if you’ve been to a show at the Carnegie of Homestead’s Music Hall, you’ve interacted with one of the many volunteers who provide a welcoming environment. Dressed in white and black, they tackle questions from “where is the closest restroom” to “how long is the intermission?” The venue’s operations are enriched by over 50-60 volunteers, from college students to seniors, to support a wide variety of before/during/after show needs. If you are over the age of 18 and interested in volunteering, please fill out the form on the CONTACT tab on our website, or email us directly at

+ I’d love the opportunity to advertise on your website which is seen by tens of thousands of people each year. Who do I talk to about that?

Please reach out to us by filling out the form on our CONTACT tab on our website to inquire about advertising on our website.

+ I want to make a donation to the Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall’s renovation campaign. How do I go about doing this?

Please contact us directly at 412-462-3444 or email

+ What hotels, restaurants, and bars are near the theater?

The Carnegie of Homestead Music Hall is in close proximity to some of the best unique eateries found throughout the Mon-Valley including both the Eighth Avenue Business District and the Homestead Waterfront Development. Three hotels are also in the Waterfront. For more information, directions and direct links, please visit the LOCATION tab on our website.

+ You haven’t answered my question!

We try to be thorough, but realize there are some things we can’t possibly cover in our FAQ’s. The absolutely best way to reach us, is to fill out the form on our website’s CONTACT tab. We promise to get back to you in a jiffy!